CO 14 – Iced Monkey – Bangaranga EP

A producer and radio host from Bangalore in India, Iced Monkey has been performing as an electronic music DJ since 2010. Tired of regional music and Bollywood mashups on the radio, this DJ moved into the underground scene, generating his own characteristic minimal tech house style. He cites John Digweed and Matt Darey among his influences. The title track of the EP is a minimal tech house experience, filled with drum patterns and riding bassline to get you ready to go all night. Say What, with its whistling dirty sounds, will take you to a groovy underground club right before sunrise. Insomniac’s strong bassline, minimalistic percussion and rising madness take the imagination to the next level. The first remix, from Romanian producer Gik, strips Insomniac down to its skeleton, taking us through the narrow path on a thin line through the thick jungle without a scratch. Meanwhile, German producer Sven Roesch takes you to the deeper side of the musical world, striking a balance with some incredible drum patterns.

Iced Monkey – ‘Insomniac’

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CO 14 - Iced Monkey - Bangaranga EP (Covery, 2015)

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