CO 13 – HiFi Brown – Do They Know It’s Last Christmas?

As a techno artist, my influences come from Mr Oizo, Claude VonStroke and Tiga, to name a few.
However, as a kid of the 80s, most of my musical influences come from 1984 – the year that gave us two of the biggest Christmas songs: “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” from Band Aid, and “Last Christmas” from Wham.
Every year we see at least one new Christmas song, but it would be nice if we could have something alternative, to go with all of the campy ballads.
To express this, I’ve gone back to these two iconic (read: overplayed) Christmas tracks and put together my own alternative take on the Christmas beat.
But don’t be misled – far from being a pop classic, this is a HiFi Brown-style techno throwdown.
I’ve also included two remixes of Lucky Glitter, the closing track from my Cancer album.
The first remix (by London’s Occams Laser) is a deep synth-powered 80s experience, while the second remix (by Berlin’s Sicker Man) leans in and out between noisy chaos and quiet melancholy.

HiFi Brown – ‘Do They Know It’s Last Christmas?’

Furthermore watch the music video for ‘Lucky Glitter (Radio Edit)’ (video by In†rσwΣrks)

.. and listen to Occams Laser Remix for ‘Lucky Glitter’:

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